Viche 2011 1

1, 2011

Leonid Kadenyuk: On the Background of Extraordinarily Hard Terms of Space the Viability of the Planet Earth Seems to be an Unheard Miracle

He dreamed about the flight to the space for long decades, and we can only guess what cast-iron will and titanic work he had to make his dream come true. Unusual person with many earthly and unearthly titles: candidate of engineering sciences, national deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the V convocation, pilot-tester of the 1th class, cosmonaut-tester, major-general of aviation, Hero of Ukraine, first cosmonaut of Ukraine. On the eve of the 60-year old anniversary Leonid Kostyantynovych Kadenyuk proposes the readers of Viche to think about the life on the planet Earth and to feel responsibility for it.

Recently, namely on November, 19, 2010, 13 years passed from the day of your start to the space on the American multiuse shuttle Colombia. Leonid Kostyantynovych, tell, please, what does a man feel in space?


I will say sincerely, everything what I have felt and seen in the space is unique and inimitable. Therefore an answer to your question requires considerably bigger format of intercourse. But if we have already touched such important philosophical category as feeling of a man, then, taking into account the psychophysics science, I would like to remind that a man has an internal world (sensory) feelings, and external what surrounds us and is the source of it.