Viche 2011 1

1, 2011

Rabbits are not only Valuable Fur but also Progressive Political Ideas

Just like this, paraphrasing the known phrase of national artists of Ukraine Volodymyr Danylets and Volodymyr Moiseyenko, who at the beginning of their career came forward with the humorous act Rabbits, it is possible to say about the rabbits of the Ukrainian parliament national deputies of Ukraine, who were born in the year of white Rabbit, Cat or Hare according to the Chinese calendar.


According to old east popular belief the year of Rabbit (Cat/Hare) brings people peace-times, atmosphere of the mutual understanding and diplomacies. In addition, this year is favorable for the determination of priorities, strategic planning and laying of foundation for future victories. People who are directly involved in the mentioned processes and moreover carry out their activity under the sign of eared amulet told us if this is really so.


Volodymyr ARYEV, Our UkrainePeoples Self-Defense:


Everything will develop in its special way, what is needed to be taken into account, in fact some surprises are possible in the new year. But I hope that they will be only pleasant and good. 


Oleksandr VASYLYEV, Party of Regions: 


The power in force constantly works for that in our country we all felt real Ukrainians.


Petro GASYUK, out of faction:


I would ask the God that at least this year he was gracious to the people of Ukraine, and we here, in the parliament, initiated effective reforms which would be beneficial and could improve the life of our citizens.


Oleg ZARUBINSKYI, National Party:


In cats I like that they are very freedom-loving and cannot attach to someone, having lost itself. I wish all to find such independence of I and always to have the faith in the forces.


Yuliya KOVALYOVA , Party of Regions:


I wish that in the new year you did all you dreamed about for a long time, that you felt care from the side of colleagues, good from friends and loved ones. Let the God give you love and warmth, good in family and comfort in dwellings, let the next year become a year of peace, consents and prosperities for our native Ukraine.


Nataliya KOROLEVSKA, BYT Motherland:


Above all things, I would like to wish health, successes and faith in that we live in a strong country.


Pavlo MOVCHAN, BYT Motherland:


Unfortunately, I found out with the considerable delay that I am a cat-rabbit, that is why I lived as a subordinate to the Sun, the sky, the stars, the God, people. However, the spiritual does not stop influencing on us. If we create a psycho-energy row, then all earlier or later comes back to us - curse, request, gladness, sorrow.


Kateryna SAMOYLYK, Communist Party of Ukraine:


I would like to wish unification to all compatriots, as governments and power in general are the temporal phenomena.