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Viche 2006 №12

№12, 2006

Get acquainted: new names

An organizational sessions of Verkhovna Rada of Crimea Autonomuous Republic and regional board, with the exception of Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhya, Odesa and Ternopil' regions took place. The boards’ heads have been elected during them. The editorial staff of "Viche" frankly congratulates all newly elected heads, wishes them a productive work on a responsible posts and presents them to the readers .So get acquainted:

Anatoliy Pavlovych HRYTSENKO - The Head of Verkhovna Rada of Crimea Autonomuous Republic;
Hryhoriy Mykhaylovych ZABOLOTNIY - The Head of Vinnyts'ka regional board;
Anatoliy Petrovych HRYTSYUK - The Head of Volyns'ka regional board;
Anatoliy Mykhaylovych BLYZ'NYUK - The Head of Donetsk regional board;
Iryna Maksymivna SYNYAVS'KA - The Head of Zhytomyr regional board;
Mykhaylo Mykhaylovych KICHKOVS"KYI- The Head of Zakarpats'ka regional board;
Ihor Myroslavovych OLIYNYK - The Head of Ivano-Frankivs'k regional board;
Volodymyr Volodymyrovych MAYBOZHENKO - The Head of Kyiv regional board;
Valeriy Mykhaylovych HOLENKO - The Head of Lugans'k regional board;
Myroslav Petrovych SENYK - The Head of L'viv regional board;
Tetyana Vasylivna DEMCHENKO - The Head of Mykolayiv regional board;
Mykola Leonidovych SKORYK - The Head of Odesa regional board;
Volodymyr Oleksandrovych MARCHENKO - The Head of Poltava regional board;
Oleksandr Yuriyovych DANYL'CHUK - The Head of Rivne regional board;
Vyacheslav Ivanovych SHAPOSHNYK - The Head of Sumy regional board;
Mykhaylo Arkhypovych MYKOLENKO - The Head of Ternopil' regional board;
Vasyl' Viktorovych SALYHIN - The Head of Kharkiv regional board;
Volodymyr Anatoliyovych DEM'OKHYN - The Head of Kherson regional board;
Ivan Vasyl'ovych GLADUNYAK - The Head of Khmel'nytskiy regional board;
Volodymyr Anatoliyovych HRES' - The Head of Cherkasy regional board;
Ivan Orestovych SHYLEPNYTS'KYI - The Head of Chernivets'ka regional board;
Nataliya Andriyivna ROMANOVA - The Head of Chernigiv regional board.

Some of the newly elected heads of the regional boards are guests of this issue. For the rest (each one personally) we will give the floor in the next issues of "Viche".