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Viche 2006 №12

№12, 2006

Builder is becoming a building

After a serious political turns and a long-lasting talks in Ivano-Fankivs'k region the surname of Ihor Oliynyk has appeared on the lips of Ukrainian politicians. He is a head of a successful building organization, "Zhytlobud" public corporation, a deputy with long year seniority, a ruhovec' (a movement member) since 90-ties.The unexpectedness was in his more than a convincing victory: 111 deputies out of 118 voted for him (7-refrained).

The new head of the Prykarpatya region emphasized in his speech that a key task for an actual stage - is "the transition from political strife to the unification of all people for the sake of everyday work as without it the life will stop.