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Viche 2006 №12

№12, 2006

The war doesn't make people happy

Juridical conclusion

The Ministry of Justice concerning decisions of some self-government bodies (of Kharkiv borough council, Sevastopol borough council and Luhans'k borough council) concerning the status and the order of application of Russian language in frontiers of Kharkiv, Sevastopol and Lugans'k region ( an extract, look a whole text at
- I've explained as I could that we are not going to be at war. We are peaceful people. Some people consider the working style of Luhans'k regional board to be disputable, because it often makes decisions that go contrary to the wishes of the capital. And what is to be done if not recede from principle and chain in maintaining of constitutional rights of both the people of region and the electors of the whole Ukraine? "Peaceful spirits" do not mean that we are ready to refuse from our beliefs. And generally: we don't need the others, but we won't give back ours!
Isn't it right?