Журнал Viche 2010 №19

№19, 2010

Codification of Legislation On Education is the Constituent of Educational Reforms

Systematization of legislation has an important place in the period of realization of economic, political and legal reforms in post-totalitarian Ukrainian society. And it is clear, as it corresponds to the necessity of system transformations – challenge of the ХХІ century for Ukraine, its aspiration to continue the process of Euro integration, work out the intergovernmental relationships with the Russian Federation. By the example of awareness of difficulties which exist on this way, there is the message of the President of Ukraine to the people from June, 3, 2010. It can be examined as one more chance to reform the country for the sake of the future permanent economy growing and effective state authority.

It will require development and adoption of modern Code On Education. It could contribute not only to the forward increase of volumes of the state financing of higher educational establishments of Ukraine, preparation of a new generation of scientific and pedagogical workers and students, decentralization of the control system of education management, etc. High-quality codification activity in the sphere of education gave an impulse to creation of a new educational paradigm, change of philosophy of education, removal of objective and subjective factors of slowdowning of the real democratization of education.