Журнал Viche 2010 №19

№19, 2010

Step to Local Symbolism

Everyone who came to this world has its own unique Motherland. For us it is Ukraine. And it has established the State Flag and National Emblem by the Constitution. All that strongly unites modernity and the past in a single entity which is shown in these state symbols.

Recently the book “Ukraine: Coats of Arms and Flags” saw the world at the publishing house of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine: that is a certain result of almost 20-year-old local creation of the coat of arms. The materials about local symbolism of regions and territorial societies of cities mostly in the years of independence of Ukraine ratified by the proper councils are contained in the book. The collective heraldic portrait of chronicle of our young state appears from the pages of the new edition. Its characteristic feature is a permanent motion and laborious search of priorities in creation of coats of arms and flags, their improvement, foremost in the regional measuring.


Generalized labour “Ukraine: Coats of Arms and Flags” which was published in the Parliamentary publishing house was born due to the conscience of representatives of local councils from industrial East to the Carpathian West, from Podil North to bread giving South. The original register of symbolism of over 600 organs of local self-government has been created where 1207 coats of arms and flags are included. And it became possible due to creative work of local councils at the assistance of the Ukrainian heraldic society.