Журнал Viche 2010 №19

№19, 2010

The participants of the conference stated that today we become witnesses of global climatic changes which substantially influence on both social and economic position of separate countries and the whole continent. The mountain ranges of the Carpathia

– Mykhaylo Mykhaylovych,  your favourite poetess Lina Kostenko wrote such lines: “I will ask people for the faith only”. Therefore realization of what your projects can people in your region expect while you obtain the position of the head of Region State Administration?


– There are a lot of projects. I have told about some of them. Presently we are preparing the regional program “Feed Box”, the purpose of which is to give the possibility to acquire the high-quality herd of cattle and be engaged in production of milk at own household. As I already marked we begin to realize some plans in cultural life of the region, in the tourist sphere. Here is a fresh fact. We concluded the agreement and began to prepare actively the proper documents for the location near of sport and recreation resort near the Mariyskyi spiritual center in the village Zarvanytsi. It will accommodate almost 800 guests in two and four star hotels. This project by means of only Austrian investments is planned to be put into life within two years. In order to build the resort the building materials which are produced or obtained in Ternopil region will be used. 70 percent of local habitants are to work here. As it is known, Christian shrine in Zarvanytsi is in the top twenty of Mariyskyi centers of the world. It is visited by many pilgrims from different countries. To this project we will also involve Ternopil air-port which we have reanimated and it has already passed the proper certification. It will take care of charter flights.


One word, there are many projects, therefore we will apply all forces for their realization. I have the honour together with the society of the region to do these and other good businesses.