Viche 2010 19

19, 2010

Pearl Necklace of Peninsula and Laspian Emerald

Anatoliy Zhezherun is the member of the International Academy of Ecology and Safety. Recently Anatoliy Vasilyovych will have birthday, and we warmly greet him with his jubilee, we wish him Crimean health in the name of whats going on at the present time, what he dreams about and what he has to put into effect.

Recreation and retreat center Emerald which Anatoliy has been in charge of for many years used to be neglected and problem object but has become one of the most attractive places of the Crimea. This place is visited by people from all parts of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Baltic states.


On the background of general decline which is observed during the last years in the restoration tourism industry of the Crimea, revival of recreation and retreat center Emerald of the Ministry of Coal Industry of Ukraine is considered to be the real breakthrough.


All changes to the best have begun since the new manager came in 1995. Anatoliy Vasylyovych Zhezherun the internal affairs body worker in the past passed through the serious test during the Chornobyl tragedy; he is a skillful manager and economist. Together with the group of like-minded people he changed the neglected territory of the recreation and retreat center Emerald in the Laspi bay, which is situated in 30 km from Sevastopol, greatly. Thanks to the tireless work of the group and its director the recreation and retreat center Emerald is now a well equipped recreation complex where all workers of coal industry together with their families strengthen their health. Special attention is paid to those families who lost their bread-winner. They are surrendered by excessive care and staffs attention at Emerald. For the vacationers all buildings have been repaired, all cottages have been equipped, sauna has been built and beaches have been cleaned and rebuilt. Beautiful tile has been laid on the embankment, new benches have been made, flowers have been planted and figures have been set into the flowerbeds. Lanterns are lightened in the evening. Leisure-time entertainments and playground work for children. And the employees of the recreation and retreat center feel fully confident salaries and vacation pays are in good time, the issue concerning the building of two-storey dwelling-house for the employees is being settle, children daily go by bus to school, and parents once a week to Sevastopol to do shopping. The collective of Emerald have been working for over than ten years to reach such level. The director and his employees went through and bravely outlived 120 court sessions, came to the Supreme Court, asking for returning of own property which was privatized on the territory of recreation and retreat center by different firms at dim time. Under these conditions the support of the department the Minister of Coal Industry and legal department of the Ministry turned out to be decisive.


This year at Emerald over two and half thousand workers of coal industry rested free of charge. Among them there were 36 veterans and 20 children from lower-income and large families from Cherkasy. Businessman Anatoliy Kyrylov participated actively in the realization of this program. Ex-Minister of the Ministry of Coal Industry, national deputy of Ukraine and presently the head of Cherkasy region state administration S.B. Tulub rendered assistance and continues to render it to the recreation and retreat center.  At the end of August on the territory of the center Emerald 35 children from Sevastopol boarding-schools had an opportunity to have a lot of fun on Neptune holiday.


Experience of Emerald is probably an exception from the common rule, however, it gives confidence that basically collectives are able to solve vitally important issues and overcome economic difficulties. The whole pint is in good organization, experience of the leader, mutual understanding and support of all parties interested in the results.