Viche 2010 19

19, 2010

Preferences as Means of Defense of Tourist Image of Country

Presently a lot of people speak about the development of recreation complex. But it is impossible without modernization of social infrastructure. Recently the Council of Ministers of the Crimea appealed to the President of the country Viktor Yanukovych with the request to render support in the development and financing of several government programs: Water of the Crimea, Transporting Infrastructure of the Crimea, Ecological Safety of the Crimea etc. This is a confident step to the systematization of arrangements on the support of industry and possibility to attract both holiday-makers and people ready to invest in the tourist industry of the Crimea. The settlement of problems concerning the recreation in the Crimea will give the possibility to create a modern base for the realization of major investment projects.


For the development of the tourist industry it is important to be determined with the status of houses which today renders the services of temporal accommodation of holiday-makers. Legal status of these objects is not determined; they were put into service as dwelling-houses and are used as mini-hotels. It follows to remind that at putting the hotel into service another package of authorization documents is needed. And that is why 50 percent of private houses, which provide services to the tourists, today are in the shade.


We hope that work on bringing amendments to the Law of Ukraine On Tourism and adoption of its new reduction will help to protect the market of tourist services from the problems which appear on this way.