Viche 2010 19

19, 2010

On the Grounds of Farm and Village Tourism in the Crimea

Every country, every locality, every region of the planet Earth has its certain characteristic feature, a kind of business-card, due to which it is immediately recognized at its first mention. For some places these are the monuments of history, for others - the sources of mineral waters, picturesque places for recreation, exciting tourist routes, unique climate. However, only in the Crimea it is possible to find such exceptional combination of all features which are the most attractive for the visit.

In Europe there are organizational structures which provide promotion of services of rural tourism to the market. The most famous structure is the European Federation of Farm and Village Tourism tourism EUROGITES.


In the Crimea this direction of tourist industry is also developed. The Crimean Union of assistance to development of farm and village tourism - Crimean association of farm and village tourism was created.


Farm and village tourism helps to settle a great number of problems - degradations of the land and water resources, diminishment of employment of population in the depressed agricultural districts. Its clear that it contributes to the revival of village. Necessary condition of such revival is ecological education and awareness, ecologization of economies and spheres of tourism in that number is the.


Adoption of the law of Ukraine on farm and village tourism gives the opportunity to take off most problems and misunderstanding which appear in the interrelations between the owners of dwellings and tourists and supervisory bodies. However, in order to provide stable state and regional policy and regulatory framework for the development of farm and village tourism and enterprise, the proper sublegislative, normative and legal acts require perfection and the legal, economic and administrative obstacles in the realization of right on such activity are to be removed .