Viche 2010 19

19, 2010

The Crimea will Certainly Become Territory of Success

Our Motherland is where we live, where we bring the children up and remember our parents. And we can consider the life spent not in vain only when while touching native roots we remember only the happy pages of our past.
No matter where the fate throws us, no matter how we were tested on the durability, we are under an obligation to store the source of our life clean so that the stream of good and light didnt stop getting to our common house.

These words belong to Leri Svanidze is one of the first Crimean businessmen who created unique production, which can not be compared with only few productions on the territory of the CIS, on the territory of the peninsula.


Leri Svanidze is the man known not only in the Crimea but also in Ukraine. He heads the enterprise Startinvest which is engaged in planning, construction and exploitation of cable-ways. Leri Georgiyovych is also famous for cultivating his abilities a lot. At difficult time of rebuilding, having the diploma about higher education, he successfully graduated from the European university, and then - from the Kyiv National Academy of the State Administration under the jurisdiction of the President of Ukraine. He defended his dissertation, took part in the international technical forums and conferences. For already several consequent years Leri Svanidze has been the deputy of Koreyiz village council. His attitude toward these duties is very conscientiously and heartful. In Koreyiz everybody knows that Leri Georgiyovych does not leave any request for help without his attention.


For innovative approach to the settlement of technical, economic and administrative issues Leri Svanidze was awarded with the honoured international and national rewards.


To become the director of the enterprise Starinvest he had to revive all production literally from ash. Svanidze family received neglected and plundered enterprise. It was started from nothing. Exactly then the engineering knowledge of the couple Leri and Nadiya Svanidze who have higher technical education came in useful. And it gave them the possibility to assign the objective which seemed to be unreal under those terms to test to durability and receive priceless experience. Afterwards in Svinidze family two more specialists grew up - daughter and son-in-law. They also devoted themselves to work at Starinvest which is presently perspective and competitive production of Ukraine which is able at the same time to settle not only other problems but also ecological problems of the Crimea.


At Startinvest everything is inferior to the service to business and comprehensive concern about workers. Firstly, old personnel which is a decisive force in the realization of any project is well-kept. Every new decision is lent to brainstorming session and serious analysis. Secondly, school of the young personnel training is created at Starinvest where both Ukrainian young people and young people from other countries of the CIS master the art of work.By the way, this summer 16 specialists from Uzbekistan received their diplomas.


Having come to this enterprise, people remain there for a long time or forever. The reason for it is interesting there and the situation inspires on fruitful work and creative approach to the settlement of tasks.