Viche 2010 17

17, 2010

Solidarity taught us not to fear

In late August the past 30 years since the founding of Solidarity - the Independent self, who in 80 years of the twentieth century was unique in the countries of the socialist bloc of independent non-resistance movement. In its ranks there were almost 10 million people - one in three adult Poles.
On the occasion of the anniversary of Solidarity columnist "Viche"magazine appealed to those directly involved in those events - teachers, journalists, public figures, Deputy Director of the Training Centre for Local Democracy Development Foundation Pshemyslava Fenryh the city of Szczecin Please answer a few questions.

Previous generations of Poles in the struggle for independence shed blood like water - we were proud of their courage and patriotism, but would not repeat the grueling misery. So have adopted and promoted in Poland non-violent struggle slogans that declared such person as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and especially important for us to Pope John Paul II.

Blast August strike pledge me on vacation ... in Gdansk. But I thought that I would be more necessary in Szczecin, than here. So soon returned to his city.

- In August 1980, you organized the strike in the local library province. What is expressed as what took place and ended this protest?

- By the time I worked in the Provincial and City Public Library in Szczecin (when it was Schetsynskoho Centre County, and now, after the administrative reform - the center twice in West County). The strike, which I organized, had united in nature. Then it was decided that a strike in the form of cessation of use only shipyard and several large companies, including public transport company to strike was seen around the city. Conversely, other enterprises and institutions, including my library, by creating  strike committees (I became chairman of our committee), hanging flags and participate in the strike committee on Inter-           Enterprise Shipyard. The importance of our library was that it had dozens of branches in the city and province, and consequently, due to our expanded information on the strike, its goals and progress.

- Mr. Pshemyslav, and the last question. Does modern-day Poland, 30 years later, perceptions and expectations of the Poles in the 80's last century to build a civil society peace and justice?

- We managed to do very much: we have an independent Poland, have civil society, market economy, are in the European Union, which is very eager and want it to be. But of course, God's kingdom on earth is built. We have more than dare to dream 30 years ago, now have new and other problems. Hope and they'll cope. I dream about that it happened in a friendly partnership with Ukraine.

Svetlana Filonenko