Viche 2010 17

17, 2010

Leonid Tovazhnyansky: "Education and science - important factors of development of Ukraine"

Kharkov Polytechnic Institute - a powerful research and education center, which equals impossible to find in Ukraine. The current autumn school will celebrate 125 years. Its founder and first rector of a prominent scientist Kyrpychov, who later founded the same university in Kiev, now known as KPI .
Over the last decade Kharkov Polytechnic Institute is headed by well-known organizer of education, known educator and scientist Leonid Tovazhnyansky. His life was connected with this institution, so talk about Kharkiv Polytechnic may Leonid hours. However, this has gone on the first introductory campaign that ended with:

Leonid Tovazhnyansky - recognized organizer of higher education in Ukraine, the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, Honored Scientist of Ukraine, doctor of technical sciences, professor. He was awarded the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise V degree. Author of over 450 scientific works including 32 books, numerous books and manuals. He has 20 patents. Initiated a scientific school of intensification of heat and mass transfer - used to develop chemical, food, petroleum industries.

For 30 years, served as Rector, Vice Rector of the Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute. Since 1999 - Rector of National Technical University "KPI".

Member of the engineering section and Transport Committee on State Prizes of Ukraine in Science and Technology.

National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute" - a multidisciplinary educational center, where 23 of 96 specialty departments enrolled over 26,000 students. The university comprises Guards tank army institute them. Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Kharkov Stanko technical-instrumental, Poltava Engineering College, Interdisciplinary Institute of Postgraduate Education. University Research Institute "Lightning" and "ionosphere" laboratory "turbine" renowned sites of national property of Ukraine.

Faculty of the University has about 1700 people: 165 doctors, professors, 800 Ph.D., associate professors, 32 laureates of State Prize of Ukraine, three academics and a corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine, 26 academicians of the Academy branch in Ukraine.

Scientists Kharkiv Polytechnic played a significant role in the birth of Ukrainian Engineering - in the fields of mechanics, the theory mitsnosti, applied chemistry, aviation, nuclear physics and krioheniky, electricity and heat, tractors, locomotive and so on. Among university graduates - 36 academicians of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine , 100 - Laureates of State Prize of Ukraine.

HPI was founded in 1885 as a practical Institute of Technology and had two offices - mechanical and chemical, which took in 125 people. The Institute employed 17 teachers.

Kharkiv Polytechnica from its founding has become an integral part of the scientific, technical, intellectual and cultural history of Ukraine. With the institution the names of Nobel Prize L. Landau, internationally renowned scholars - Beketov, P. Budnykova, A. Walter, A. Lyapunov, K. Sinelnikov, V. Steklov, G. Proskura V. Atroshchenko, A. Berezhna and founder of HPI and the Kiev Polytechnic of Kyrpychov.

Overall Kharkov Polytechnic Institute has issued more than 150 thousand specialists.


Annual subjects research at the university (budget and self-financing) is estimated at 22 million. We have 97 agreements on international cooperation, through this every year to gain 30 international grants totaling 2, 5-3 million. Execute orders for world famous companies - Boeing and General electric (USA), Siemens (Germany), Samsung Airspace (Korea), Boilentechnik (Switzerland), Nuovo Pignoue (Italy) and others. Half of the money earned to the development of the educational process, and the rest - to support their own research.

The scientific potential of the University and demand within the country. Yes, already installed and successfully operating over 4000 elevators, designed by our experts, including the activities they provide Parliament, Presidential Administration, the National Bank of Ukraine. For industrial association named after M. Frunze (Sumy), we have developed magnetic suspension system compressor rotor - magnetic bearing much, its efficiency is nothing to be compared with conventional bearings.

University recently signed a contract for 500 thousand UAH with HTZ - on a hydrostatic transmission that has pull tractors HTZ on a level with the best world standards.

17 university departments involved in the development of modern tanks "backstop" and "Bulat" BTR-4, built plant them. V. Malyshev. By the way, the achievements of the Kharkov Polytechnic was the basis for the best tank of World War II T-34.

Actively working with the plant FED, BC named. O. Antonova, Inc. Turboatom and other famous enterprises. Scope of our interests - from energy and energy efficiency-tank and aircraft, information technology. Last most significant development - technology utilization "melange," an extremely dangerous environment for rocket fuel oxidizer. His greatest repository (5 tons) is located just in the Kharkiv region. RI "Lightning" studying the problem of electromagnetic compatibility - is developing an electronic means of combating terrorism, natural and artificial lightning, protection against unauthorized reading.

In general, the university established and actively operating in 1940 schools. We cooperate with 20 institutes of the National Academy of Sciences. Only in the last 10 years, until I head university scientists HPI received 11 state awards! With the wide variety of authors, HPI turned into a powerful publishing center of scientific literature. Recently published 112 books, 72 monographs, many textbooks. Handbook "management philosophy" even considered the best in the country by design.