Журнал Viche 2010 №17

№17, 2010

Edward Matviychuk: "Responsible and strong power - this is key to the development of the Odessa region"

About him say that he manages the area in the "manual mode" for not yet constructed rigid vertical of power. Sharp and fast statements on personnel changes, especially when it comes to national interests and the fight against corruption. Not indifferent to the problems of ordinary people.
On the question of our correspondent meets the chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration Eduard Matvijchuk.

- The pace of growth of industrial production Odessa in second place in the country. Unemployment is gradually declining (currently at 0.83 per cent), while slightly increasing arrears of wages. What makes the new government to address this issue?

- To date, the amount of wage arrears in the Odessa region of 62 million USD, but a positive trend - no debt to the government sector.

Unfortunately, a legacy from the previous government we've got a lot of issues related to wages, pensions and social benefits. In many ways, their solution depends on the local budgets, and one of the main ways of filling - a tax on income citizens. Therefore I, as chairman of the regional state administration doing everything possible to deal with the shadow schemes to avoid paying taxes.

Prosecutors, police and tax administration is tasked with "improve" with those who do not pay wages. In my opinion, overdue payments charge - a crime that undermines the stability of our society.

Also have to admit that the main debtors of the region are utilities Odessa. One of them - "Odesmiskelektrotrans" with debt amounting to 11 million. How to be?

I advise debtors Odessa heads of private enterprises to sell their expensive cars, villas and pay people for their hard work.

We're now very tough fight to ensure that no arrears of wages. If managers are wage arrears, they will not get this cabinet. Do not pay taxes, do not pay wages - you have nothing to talk to the Head, you will speak with authorities.