Журнал Viche 2010 №17

№17, 2010

73 days of heroic defense, or secret Soviet historiography...

August 5, Hero City Kiev celebrated 69 anniversary of the heroic defense. World War II veteran, and representatives of the Southern Operational Command, community and youth organizations laid wreaths and flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Sailor.

Odessa resisted stubbornly, desperately, and sometimes fun. For example, the famous Tank NO - "In fright" - invented in Odessa and is made at the plant name uprising in January. Steel-plated tractor hardly could cause serious damage to the enemy, however, producing smoke, he roared mightily. Whopping complementary effect lights and sirens ...

73 days long heroic defense of Odessa to the apparent inequalities force the warring parties. After the early stages of Maritime army consisted of two divisions - 25 the Chapayevsk and 95 th Moldovan, as well as individual parts and had only 34.5 thousand soldiers, 19 fighters and suitable for any battle tank! Meanwhile, defenders of Odessa were against groups of 4-th Romanian army comprising 18 German divisions and a division total of about 300 thousand people, more than 100 tanks and aircraft.

Eugene Tischuk