Viche 2010 17

17, 2010

Why Utility Meters are Inclined to the Thefts

Ukraine meets the demand in power resources almost by 60 percent due to the import. At the same time pursuant to the ratified by the government on March, 15, 2006 Power Strategy of Ukraine in the period till 2030 energy ratio of internal gross product makes 0.89 kilogram of reference fuel (r.f.) per one USA dollar of the produced products, this in threefive times exceeds the indexes of the developed countries. Except for that, without regard to gradual diminishment of specific consumption of fuel (oil, gas, electric power) on the producing of thermal energy, they are still too high and make over 180190 kg of r.f. per 1 Gcal of warmth instead of 140150 kg r. f., like in the developed countries. In the mentioned power strategy it is marked that the usage of modern effective system of account and control on the expenses of energy resources belongs to the basic inter-industry arrangements of energy saving by means of technical factor.