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Viche 2010 17

17, 2010

Bioregulator: Way to Oneself

Institute of Recovery Technologies (RT)

New in medicine was founded by scientists who at their time were engaged in creation of artificial intelligence blocks, memory blocks, pattern recognition and other devices for space exploration. Present scientific developments are carried out at the station Academician Vernadskyi, which is on the South Pole, in child's separation of capital hospital named after Pavlov. There are developments on diagnostics of the state of blood at any influence of laser therapy, magnetotherapy, electrical procedures and biological additions on the organism of a human-being. In 20072009 the RT New in medicine performed the state order on ophthalmology in relation to the improvement of eye sight at many diseases without operative interference and developed Application of Pneumatic Press in Child's Psychiatry together with the department of psychiatry of P. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education.