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Viche 2010 №17

№17, 2010

Flight of Artist On the Spirit’s Will

As a rule, the acquaintance with an artist begins at his exhibition. But Lviv artist Igor Gorin more often exhibits his works abroad. And in the town where he lives and works there are only few his admirers.

Architect, painter, graphic artist Igor Gorin lives in the amazing apartment which is stylized under a medieval castle. All around has been created by his hands and according to his projects: chairs, tables, stained-glass windows, pictures, fire-place, forged things and even laid brick. The years of hard work far from the native house proceeded to the embodiment of this project. When he received the profession of architect in Lviv, he understood that rather unfavorable prospect waits for him here – to become “a boot-maker without boots”. In 1980 in a suffocating atmosphere Igor saw his realization neither as artist nor as architecture. Consequently, he consciously and for a long time left the city which was the source  of his creative projects, without breathing of which he didn’t seem to be able live a day. But, having made deep life-giving breath in Lviv, he began to attribute soul to his projects in a small Siberian town. When the artist put by a purpose to build the medieval castle, he felt that at the same time he had to create the Temple of the soul. Otherwise, why has God endowed him with so many talents?


His flight was always accompanied and supported by his faithful and beloved wife Olga.