Журнал Viche 2010 №15

№15, 2010

And was Elisabeth the First!

– Elizabeth, we congratulate you with the victory, which is, certainly, the achievement of not one day. Intensive preparation and persistent trainings preceded it. Please, tell us the way they took place and to what extent were the sportsmen ready to competitions?

– We prepared extraordinarily intensively. We trained at the National Sports Complex “Olympic”, where we were constantly checked up by different tests and indexes. On the whole we were ready to the championship, however, present Europe is the strongest, maybe, in all history of such competitions, and therefore it was difficult enough. With such result at the world championship we could pretend to the 5-th place, not less.

– Did your parents help you in preparation, as they know the world of sports not according to the story?

 - Parents wished me success, assured me that I am the strongest, that they believe in me. They passed me their genes, and I have to handle them in order to obtain a necessary result. Therefore they entrusted me completely to Volodymyr Andriyovych, my trainer (who trained them to the Olympic startups as well), so that he could decide what and how I have to do. Volodymyr Andriyovych is like a member of our family (V.A. Fedorets – Editor). He always says that the most important thing is to start successfully, because as you start the competition the same it will last. That is why it is always necessary to be able to balance oneself, to try not to worry. Of course, you want to begin the competition as quick as possible, to scoot, but at the same time self-control is necessary in order not to make false start. In fact an incident happened at the championship, when Frenchwoman Veronica Mang was taken off from the competitions because of that.