Viche 2010 15

15, 2010

Building rebuses

Lviv for its construction and interpretation of planning is considered a unique city in the world. Managers from Organizing Committee for the continent's football championship Euro-2012 are sincerely surprised to learn that the distance from downtown to the airport, central railway station and main bus station is almost identical. Each of them can be overcome by 10 minutes by car.
Preparation of Lviv Euro 2012 brings new opportunities for building the city. The fact that buildings appear in the next two year will be discussed further. But before this we will go down to history up the city.

Ukrainian modern at the World Exhibition in Paris

In 1900 Europe saw the first time pavilion under the blue-yellow flag in Galicia. It was time when Lviv architect, manufacturer, professor, dean of the Lviv Polytechnic University Ivan Lewinski developed and introduced Ukrainian style, or as it later began to be called - Modern Ukrainian. Since the late nineteenth to early twentieth century during 20 years, Lewinski Factory was building not only in Ukraine but also in cities of Eastern Galicia fifty houses in which citizens live today. Architect-builder Ivan Lewinski received public recognition in industrial exhibitions in Poland, Austria, Czech, Germany, and Russia. Moreover, it was for awards from the Austrian Emperor.

- Ivan Lewinski first espoused the principles of honesty, integrity, and sacrifices and so he resorted all projects - says Ole Foot-Lviv researcher, author of books on the activities of Ivan Lewinski. - He rallied around a cohort of talented artists, builders, painters, sculptors, craft launched School for students where they are taught for free.

Phenomenon of Ivan Lewinski is that it is starting from scratch, your hard work has achieved great heights while not pursued personal gain and built up land in which he lived. He always stressed that a Ukrainian and works for his country, where lived Ukrainian, Polish, Jews and Germans. The Jewish community of the city named it the best builders and entrusted the construction of their hospitals, from the Austrian government, he received orders to build the Opera House as a result of competition from the famous Vienna Bureau H. Helmer and F. Fellner, who built theaters in Europe.

Ivan Lewinski was one of the richest people in the city. He owned hundreds of hectares of land in the city. He bought all the plots of land on Kastelivtsi and rebuilt them. Today it is - a fashionable district in the streets Chuprinki, Konovaltsya Nechuy-Levitskyi, Kotlyarevskiy and others. Lewinski created and managed the engineering company, owned a brick and had tiled building and factory, various workshops for the manufacture of metal art, sculpture, artificial stone, wood etc.. His kindness, selfless aid workers walked about. It introduced its enterprises to social policy. Workers were always timely paid the fee. Its products are successfully competing with foreign construction materials. Ivan Lewinski known as an innovator in construction. It used its new factory at the time concrete structures during construction of the Lviv Opera House and the construction of the railway station. His life and work - a worthy example for those who now wants to make a career, but not for personal benefit and to serve society community. Such principles espoused Ivan Lewinski, as built for people like for you.

- When Ivan Lewinski lived only in 1968, then one third of his considerable inheritance bequeathed NGO Work, the rest divided among son and daughter. Probably not one of today's rich has gone to such a sacrifice - to give away riches is family and community - says Ole Foot. - For his work with identified Levinsky Building Society.

Artist Ivan Trush, appreciating his work, said that only Lewinski could "stand on our land legs, head to be in Europe, and most cases involve the hands of the Ukrainian nation.