Viche 2010 15

15, 2010

Eduard MATVIYCHUK: Ukraine has its own interests and we will make itself respected

Ukraine is not a global player in the post-Soviet geopolitical space, but to realize its national interests, it might as regional leader in the southeastern part of the European continent.

- Unfortunately, recent years in Ukraine was conducted policy, which was far from national interests - said the head of the Odessa Regional State Administration Eduard Matviychuk. He cites example. 11 years ago gave Ukraine Moldova way out to sea via the Danube, which helped build the last port Giurgiulesti, that we helped a neighbor-joining the cohort maritime republic. The parties' agreement was to leave Ukraine in possession of the road near the village of Palanca - 7 km 700 meters. However, the issue of transfer of the land is still not resolved.

So no chance of Odessa regional state administration chairman Edward Matviychuk zinitsiyuvav about this meeting with deputies of Ukraine Paul Ungureanu, V. Kapliyenka, Eugene Tsar'kova, representatives of several ministries and departments.

Head of Administration said that the agreement between Ukraine and Moldova on the border, signed a 1999 and an additional protocol on the transfer of ownership of the road Ukraine Odessa-Reni were ratified by both parliaments and came into force November 18, 2001. And questions still outstanding. Why?

According to present at the meeting of deputies of Ukraine, we greatly need to ensure that road functioned normally and justice finally renewed. The question of denunciation agreement between Moldova and Ukraine has not yet broken. Moldova - a friendly country to us, but the obligation to perform!

By the way, Giurgiulesti port, which became a direct competitor Ukrainian port Reni and takes over cargo, - private investment, built in record time. It is dynamic and advanced in seven-and international transport corridor, which includes Europe, the Caucasus and Asia. This created more favorable than in Ukraine, the conditions for customs clearance procedures. To get to Reno, have to go train Moldovan territory of Moldova where specifically set very high tariffs.