Viche 2010 15

15, 2010

Everybody can Become Victim

A little bit more that two years ago (on April, 2327, 2007) at annual conference of the FECRIS in Hamburg the report was made About the necessity of application of common measures of the state and society, and also the acceptance of acts of international law for defense of life and health of people from the negative influence of destructive and extremist cult organizations, trends and movements.

Its author Viktoriya TRETYAKOVA, candidate of legal sciences, docent, deserved lawyer of Ukraine, chairman of Public Council of Allukrainian association of public organizations CORE GROUP OF CITIZENS OF UKRAINE, co-founder of Allukrainian public organization Ukrainian network Co-operation, member of the FECRIS accredited at the European Council, gave the report for publishing in the magazine. The report was made in English, it was published in French and Swedish, the report in Ukrainian is published for the first time.