Viche 2010 15

15, 2010

Juvenile Model. Which Fits Best?

We have close contact with children who break the law only through the system of juvenile justice, was mentioned by Renata Winter, international consultant of representative office of the UNICEF in Ukraine at the 10th meeting of the Consultancy Council on the questions of juvenile justice at the Institute of Legislation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (on July, 8, 2010, Kyiv).


The evidence of increase of the level of violence between children is the increase of the amount of children who act like witnesses of violence in the court. However, it is not always clear whether a child is a witness, an offender or a victim. The system of juvenile justice helps to investigate this. And very often it turns out that a child plays all three roles simultaneously. In fact the child who became an offender in almost all cases witnessed violence in own family, Mrs. Winter marked.