Viche 2010 15

15, 2010

Criticism of the a new state management

In his inaugural speech President Viktor Yanukovych noted that the solution for a difficult situation, in which is now Ukraine we must primarily - to restore a system of good governance ...create a capable executive. Urgent task in the context of reforming the system of government is to create a transparent, an effective and responsible governance. The state must become an effective manager, stresses the Prime Minister Mykola Azarov and names among the priority measures that the government will do the recovery of management system.

Modern realities of social development characterized by the intensification of global processes of globalization and integration, pose new challenges to countries in the implementation of which a key role continues to play the governance. According to international practice during the last thirty years of public administration in many countries has undergone radical transformations, particularly as a result of such direction of administrative reform, the new public management (hereinafter - NDM) or menegerizm. NDM Reforms in the U.S., UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand were aimed at saving and rational use of public funds, improve governance by creating a small size and competitive public sector, improving the quality of public services and faster response state the needs of citizens.