Viche 2010 13

13, 2010

Oleksandr Yefremov: Mixed electoral system is "consonant" with open lists

Among three bills concerning local elections brought in to the session hall the majority of votes (246 - "for") was gathered by release that was offered by the faction chairman of Party of regions Oleksandr Yefremov. "Our task today -is to make the rules of game honest for electoral races and farther let the proponent win, - "regional" declared submitting initiative in a session hall.

The      right on pulling out of candidates in deputies and also local chairmen is realized by electors through local organizations of parties. Position that possibility of self promotion is left only for candidates in deputies of village and settlement soviets, and also a rural chairmen, "regional" argued by a necessity to develop the party constituent of our state. "At the same time presently the most settlements in rural locality do not have developed parties structures ", - he added.

            Local organization of party can pull out the candidates on condition that corresponding local (republican in Autonomous Republic of Crimea, regional, district, municipal, district in city) organization of party is registered in the order that was set by a law not later as for three hundred sixty five days before the day of elections. Reacting on the words of opposition that this norm is a "political dike" for new parties, Oleksandr Yefremov noticed: out of 182 registered in Ministry of justice parties only two percents can propose the necessary amount of candidatures all over Ukraine, while other will be limited by territories where they were already have been able to develop.