Журнал Viche 2010 №13

№13, 2010

I order to reform!

The cabinet of Ministers of Mykola Azarov accepted a volitional decision - to facilitate life to local communities. Prepared changes to the legislation about local elections and worked out the projects of new releases of the Budgetary and Tax codes. Reforms did not yet come from above to the bottoms but bottoms already began to bawl about a help.

Local communities least complain on changes to the electoral legislation: they were finally heard and return majority. About the short stories of electoral legislation reported on meeting Council of National congress of local self-government vice-prime minister of Ukraine on questions a regional policy Viktor Tyhonov.

            A governmental official told about his anxiousness in relation to expediency of imperative mandate and also deputy seating capacity in advices, duration of electoral campaign. By the way, in opinion of most experts, elections of local advices and chairmen of settlements must take place simultaneously, and terms of their appointments – coincide.

            - Whether it will last during four years or five, let a legislator decide, - the president of Association of cities of Ukraine (ACU), municipal chairman of Dnepropetrovsk Ivan KULICHENKO.

            Next elections are an occasion even partly to put in order the territorial mode of country. So the leader of Department of regional policy and local self-government of secretariat of Cabinet of ministers considers Vyatcheslav NEHODA who offered to the legislators to decide the problem of the so-called nest-dolls, - difficult territorial communities where a few are simultaneously formed advices, for example, municipal and rural or
settlement. According to an official there are over 100 “nest-dolls” all over Ukraine.

Municipal chairman of Zaporizhzhya Yevhen Kartashov:

            - I always felt strongly about the monopoly of parties, which, sometimes having rating in three-five percents, in actual fact is not of interest people. In Association of cities Ukraine on this occasion is not two ideas: majority takes off the problem of irresponsibility of advices. New coalition must understand: it is impossible separately to elect a chairman and separately deputies of local advices. If parliament will not accept changes, he needs to be unstrung.

            The deputy of people's of Ukraine Valeriy Baranov, which lobbies interests of organs of local self-government in Verkhovna Rada, scarified the minister of dwelling communal economy and minister of regional development collaboration with which is taken to the "general suffering for the fate of communities". "If they instead of that to solve the problems of local-authority, only suffer together with us, then why do we need them"? - The Member of Parliament asked justly.


            Lining the result of discussion of new release of the internal revenue code, representative ACU. Hanushyak pitilessly put a punitive sword on Ministry of finance: "Such impression, that in Ministry of finance simply to work nobody. If so, then why was it to throw out all works from community charges and collections, geared-up during previous three years"? Director of department of local budgets of Ministry of finance G. Karp was not able to answer this provocative question.