Viche 2010 11

11, 2010

Just a Teacher

At the end of May both in town and in village festively dressed young boys and girls with stripes Graduate 2010 strike ones eye. This year schools of the state gave a tour to life to more than 400 thousand graduates.
The world is organized the way that the one who wants to attain certain heights, that is to find, as they say, a place under the sun, to become personality, aims at getting high education. Exactly before such boys and girls and their parents presently the question gets up sharply: how correctly to do the choice, which high educational establishment to select?

Among leading state establishments of our capital there is the Inter-Branch Institute of Management (IIM), which was founded over 30 years ago. Almost one year ago, at the end of June, this high educational establishment was headed by doctor of philological sciences, professor Olga Borysivna Oliynyk.

Scientific researches of Olga Oliynyk are impressive: she is an author or coauthor of more than 300 manuals and textbooks. Her books of Ukrainian language are studied at general school. And here is the textbook Language like Viburnum it was published already in 1991, and it has completely changed the method of teaching of this subject at school. In the book there was a place not only for the dry rules but also for poems, songs and humoresques this living textbook was then read out by both children and adults.

Presently Olga Oliynyk develops legal rhetoric, published a professional book on this subject, intends to collect like-minded persons and found scientific school. But the most important thing for Olga Borysivna is to strengthen high status and authority of the Inter-branch Institute of Management.