Viche 2010 11

11, 2010

Crimea is Waiting for Guests

About the art to win

Every sphere has its conventional truth. For example, we know that if you do not know the multiplication table then you are a stranger in mathematics, and if you do not have the ability to orient in the world of stars, then the Universe is not open to you, etc.

General government program in the field of tourism is required, which provides not only the wave of guests to the peninsula but also makes the nation healthier. We have wonderful conditions for treatment of tuberculosis and at the same time has a high level of this frightful disease in the society.

State enterprise Resort Emerald belongs to the Ministry of Coal Industry. I would like to mark that our department in all times paid and continues to pay much attention to the resort. We had economic difficulties, during a few years we struggled against raiders, till today we defend our rights in the court. Our case about returning of illegally taken 1.5 ha of land is on the consideration at the High Administrative Court of Ukraine and at the High Economic Curt of Ukraine.