Viche 2010 11

11, 2010

Jeweller of the Reflected Souls

Journalist usually hunts for such unique heroines as Nataliya Zavgorodnya in order to get 8-March materials. But why not to write about deserving character without any holidays? Let people read and admire.
If to remember about the set expression that eyes are a mirror of soul, then Nataliya Grygorivna everyday looks into the reflected souls of many patients. And the most important thing is that doctor of medical sciences, professor Zavgorodnya returns peolpe the world in all its brightness and indescribable harmony.
Nataliya Grygorivna is a surgeon with golden hands, research worker, teacher, and even a three time leader. She heads the department of ocular diseases of the Zaporizhya Medical Academy of post-graduate education (ZMAPGE), the department of ophthalmology of the Zaporizhya State Medical University, clinic of the modern ophthalmology VIZUS. If to add active research activity, development of new technologies of treatment of the most difficult diseases, preparation of young scientists to the functions of top-manager, you begin to doubt if Nataliya Zavgorodnya has only 24 hours per day.