Viche 2010 11

11, 2010

Quality Achieved Within Years

The way Poltava meat-packing plant taught all to produce bacon,
to bind sausages, to smoke fish, to salt water-melons, to bake bread with garlic And to tread path to Russia

Strong competition at the internal market of meat products has become more severe since our country has entered the WTO, as long as now national businessmen have to fight for the buyer, competing with numerous importers. Only the most powerful industrialists, which for their history of the existence have produced good traditions and have undamaged reputation because they produce worthful products, are able to withstand such pressure.

Exactly such producers of the Ukrainian meat products can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and, probably, one should start from the Poltava meat-packing plant. For over 80 years the Poltava meat-packing plant supports its own traditions of production of sausages and meat delicacies after the classic recipes. The newest technologies are being implemented there and after implementation they adapt them to the features of own production.

And in far1929 it was a little bacon factory. History of its development is the history of becoming of industry domestic meat-processing industry. Exactly there in 1932 for the first time in Ukraine the process of removal of pigskin was mechanized and the method of binding of sausages was introduced and called Poltava. It still has been used by both national producers of sausage products and their colleagues from abroad. The enterprise was the first in our state which mastered making of surgical stitch material sterile catgut in ampoules.

And in far 1948 the meat-packing plant handed the canning workshop into exploitation: in fact, production of goods attained enormous scales.

Today the firm shops of Poltava meat-packing plant have the range of over 200 names of goods of a different price category, among which there are over 100 kinds of meat products. Also it is possible to buy ready-to-cook foods (meat balls, stuffed pepper, chops, stuffed cabbages, meat dumplings, meat stuffing), fish, bakery and pickles, which have a domestic unique taste, - cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage and water-melons. By the way, pickled water-melons and bread with garlic are unforgettable.

How does the plant manage to survive in the conditions of such hard competition, stay up and remain requested among buyers? we put this question to the director of Poltava meat-packing plant Oleksandr Konoplya.