Журнал Viche 2010 №7

№7, 2010

Renewal of Political Elite in Ukraine: Unexpectedness of the Promised Attack

The presence of elite in the society and political sphere under real circumstances is an already proved fact. But in terms of democratic regimes the most important is not the fight against elitism but the formation of effective and useful for the public elite and also its well-timed and quality renewal. The role and possibility of renewal of political elite are constantly discussed, especially in the transition period of the society development. Exactly such period is now, that is why the discussion about the change of political elite in Ukraine is of current importance today. In addition, it should be carried out in a constructive way and extreme measures such as, for example, suggestion about lustration, should not be taken.

We observe cardinal split of native political sphere. One of original cause was the revolution of 2004 which was served “under the sauce” of change of political epoch, but in actual fact created just an illusion of it. Meanwhile the opposition between the representatives of political elite which has in real earnest appeared and lasts till now can lead in perspective to the real political disaster. Under such circumstances either failure of nation identity or the appearance of new political forces and figures is inevitable. Especially at times of social unsteadiness old “conserved” political elite starts cracking. Though, it is still too early to speak about quality political elite in Ukrainian political life. Instead of this, phenomenon of political bolters who either have quarreled with their party bosses or have gone to free floating with an expectation to receive more dividends is observed. Can the situation be changed? Should Ukraine expect to have really new quality elite of politicians?