Viche 2010 7

7, 2010

What will be Written in White Book of Parliamentarism?

In commemoration of the twentieth anniversary of Ukrainian parliamentarism the Laboratory of legislative initiatives together with the Westminster foundation for democracy within the framework of international conference European Parliamentary Traditions and Ukrainian Realities have conducted the discussion of White Book conception of legislative changes for the increase of effectiveness of the functioning of the Verkhovna Rada.

The head of the Council of the Laboratory of legislative initiatives Igor Kogut mentioned that the aim of the document is to encourage political and civil consensus concerning the most important and the most relevant reforms.  

The deputy head of the Verkhovna Rada Mykola Tomenko considers the parliament is every day under the pressure of the necessity to bring changes to the election legislation which could increase the level of professionalism and responsibility of national deputies and to overcome political corruption. 

According to national deputy Yuriy Klyuchkovskyi in order to initiate reforms the rain of similar suggestions not the single drops are required. Parliamentarian critically estimated the possibility of quick adoption of suggested changes as far as they are not likely to be supported by present corpus of national deputies.