Viche 2010 7

7, 2010

Constitutional and Legal Concepts State Organization and Territory Organization and their Application in Legal Literature

There are a lot of facts in the history which testify demonstratively the significance of the question of state territory organization both for every day life and for countrys successful internal policy and, finally, for the whole historical destiny. That is why state territory organization, its division into parts, principles and peculiarities of relations between the center and the organs of local power have always been in the center of fixed attention and they have been taken into account both in current political activity and in the instructions of legal character which operated and are still operating today in Ukraine and in other states. The question of state territory organization and territory management, as a rule, is settled in acts of both current legislation and of fundamental character. In the constitutions of different countries the practice of direct application of such notions as state territory organization, federative organization and political and administrative regime exist (6).

Vasyl Grytsak