Журнал Viche 2010 №7

№7, 2010

Political Analyst and Lawyer as Subjects of Reforming of Political and Legal System of Ukraine

Professions of political analyst and lawyer foresee the ability to analyze political processes correctly, work out the projects of pieces of legislation, and provide well-timed execution of political and administrative decisions. Their cooperation depends to a great extent on the orientation of country development. That is why now it is important to define the role of political analysts and lawyers in Ukrainian society, peculiarities of their activity, and also to determine the ways of improvement of their cooperation.

 The most important drawback of Ukrainian democratic transformation is biased definition of problems of current importance, political comprehension of the majority of important questions, in particular, health protection, social protection of population, energy safety, and also non-system character of reforming of the state bodies of power. Politicians are too fascinated with the fight for power. National deputy stands for private interests, interests of party elite or some business group which finances him. Political technologist grounds specific decision or act of political force or politician and convinces the society in the necessity of exactly such settlement of the question. Lawyers write laws which are advantageous for some political forces. When it is not advantageous to declare their intentions frankly, then draft laws are prepared in such way so that in future there was a possibility to get benefit from the drawbacks in them. Unfortunately, presently that is how the cooperation between politicians, lawyers and political analysts is carried out. The mentioned situation induces to more detailed investigation of the essence and types of professions of political analysts and lawyers. It will be good to clarify main problems in their activity and outline possible ways of improvement of cooperation between them.

Oksana Kukuruz