Viche 2010 7

7, 2010

Head of Donetsk Legal Institute, Colonel of Militia Viktor Beschastnyi: Every Generation Increases the Glory of our Alma Mater

On April, 28 it will be 49 years since the date of foundation of Donetsk Legal Institute. Time goes, people and events change And it is very interesting the way one of the biggest in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and basic in the preparation of workers for the divisions of the State Automobile Inspection educational establishment of big Ukrainian region is developed on its historic canvas.

In actual fact, Dotetsk forge shop of militia workers has an interesting story of development and establishment in the system of professional education. Personnel tasks of Soviet system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs required the foundation of the row of new specialized militia educatinal establishments especially in such well economically developed regions like Donbas high-capacity industrial center of Ukraine. For the implementation of this policy the Stalin (Donetsk) secondary specialized militia school of MIA of the USSR (DSSMS) was founded due to the order of the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Ukrainian SSR 0109 from April, 28, 1961.