Журнал Viche 2010 №7

№7, 2010

European Vector of Development of Odessa Region

French senators who visited Odessa region consider that interstate relations are determined by rational cooperation to a great extent.

The question concerning international, transboundary and region cooperation, in particular with the countries of the European Union, is one of the priorities in the work of Odessa Region Council of the present convocation. That is why it is not by accident that the head of Region Council Mykola Skoryk has recently met with the representatives of the Commission on European Affairs of the Senate of French Republic. Deputy Head of the Commission Simon Sutour and the member of the Commission Gerard Sesar investigate the present status and perspectives of further relations between Ukraine and the European Union.

During the independence of Ukraine the strengthening of Euro integration tendencies in foreign economic and international activity has become the peculiarity feature of social and political and economic life of Ukrainian Black Sea region. New and improved forms of external economic collaboration appear. Lately interregional collaboration both within the framework of international regional organizations and on the bilateral basis has spread. If taking into account activity of Euro integration processes and interregional communications within the limits of Ukrainian Black Sea region, then exactly Odessa region, which after the expansion the European Union in 2007 directly borders with it, presently is the most Euro integrated region of Ukraine.