Viche 2010 3

3, 2010

A year of President Obama is at power

All future presidents hold hustling which will enable to win

For extraordinary efforts in strengthening of international diplomacy and collaboration between people exactly for these merits on October, 9, 2009 44th president of the USA Barrack of Obama won Nobel award of the world, considering her as a stimulus for subsequent actions. Actually, by then (as, possibly, for today) administration of Obama did not bring in the acts of no innovations in the policy of the USA: democrats were limited to exceptionally the promises.

In a NMD question presidential administration held ring long, renouncing to comment the plans and explaining it by that to this question hands did not reach now. But on September, 17, 2009 Obama and head of Pentagon Robert Gates declared bringing correctives in plans from creation of the system of missile defense. The USA did not give up placing of surface elements NMD in Europe only after beginning of their development to 2015 year. Fully position district ABOUT, including a surface structure, it will be created to 2020 year in four stages. To the moment of appearance of the first surface objects the banks of Europe will patrol the war-ships of United States with rockets-interceptors on a side. And on the new stage the Moscow summit visit of the American president became the major for development of relations USA and Russian FEDERATIONS to Moscow in July of 2009th.



Pursuant to positions of Constitution of United States of America September 17, 1787, executive power in a country belongs to the president of United States of America which holds a position during a quadrennial term together with a vice-president, select on such self term (section of a 1 article ). The terms of appointments of president and vice-president are closed at midday 20th day of January; the terms of appointments of their successors begin since (section of a 1 amendment to Constitution of the USA January 23, 1933). In the case of dismissal of president, retirement or insolvency to carry out plenary powers and duties on the adopted position, last pass to the vice-president or his death; in the case of removal, death, retirement or insolvency of and president, and vice-president Congress can pass an act, where it is indicated, what public servant will operate as a president; such public servant carries out the proper duties, while it is not removed reasons of inability of president to carry out the duties or a new president is not select (section of a 1 article ). 

That is why that under no circumstances a country remained without country's leader in a certain term, on a law was July, 18, 1947 accepted on the following of presidential power, which the sequence of persons which must substitute a presidential post is expressly set, if the last will remain vacant: vice-president -> speaker to Flame representatives -> temporal (pro tempore) chairman of Senate -> state secretary -> minister for finance -> secretary of defense -> Prosecutor General -> minister for internal affairs -> minister of agriculture -> trading minister -> minister of labor -> minister of health protection and social services -> minister of housing building and city development -> minister of transport -> minister of energy -> minister for education -> a minister is in matters of veterans -> minister of internal safety. (Such sequence was fastened in Constitution of the USA, creating her the XXV amendment February, 10, 1967.)