Viche 2010 1

1, 2010

Mountains-Mountains, my Dawn

In order to find out what kind of energy is now present in the house of the Verkhovna Rada, we will define its period. According to table 1 it belongs to the eighth period. Energy of the house is zero so it does not give favorable energy to its habitants.

Among the methods of energy renewal there is a complete overhaul which includes replacement of roof and the whole replanning during no less than one year. At the same time the reelections of national deputies should take place so that the spirit of previous could be blown away.


He was educated at the Kharkiv State University. He is a specialist on space radiophysics. Already then he became interested in the influence of celestial bodies, in particular, of the Moon, on earth processes. He has been studying feng shui since 2000. He got professional knowledge from world-wide masters: Raymond Lo, Joseph Yu and Derek Walters. Presently he is a consultant and teacher of the International forum of feng shui (