Viche 2010 1

1, 2010

With 366 Voices the Parliament has Overrode the Presidents Veto on the Law About Moratorium on the Land Plots Selling till 2012

Veto was supported by only one of national deputies from faction Our Ukraine Peoples Self-Defense Oleksandr Chornovolenko, other speakers from different factions and the reader of supplementary report - Vice-Chairman of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the Questions of Agrarian Policy and Land Relations Sergiy Ryzhuk came forward in the discussion in favor of the overriding of the Presidents veto. The following information was mentioned: the World Bank, in particular, forecasts that 12 years will be necessary in order to create valuable market of land and land registry in Ukraine, but in the opinion of the specialists from the State Committee on Land Issues, twice fewer years will be enough. The deputies warned, however: delay of the preparation of these documents works for clever fellows who due to legislative vagueness already now use effective schemes for the shadow acquisition of the land plots assigned for agricultural purposes. And country-people dont benefit from it.


On January, 17 in the first round of the presidential elections, according to previous electronic data, V. Yanukovych received 35.32% voices of voters, Y. Tymoshenko 25.05%, S. Tigipko 13.06%, A. Yatsenyuk 6.96%, V. Yushchenko 5.45%, P. Symonenko 3.55%, V. Lytvyn 2.35%, O.Tyagnybok 1.43%, A. Grytsenko 1.2%. 66.76% of voters participated in the elections.