Журнал Viche 2009 №23

№23, 2009

Masks are turned-over

November passed under the sign of influenza pandemic which outlined all poverty of not only our medicine yet more distinctly but also foremost the state. During the first press-conferences a health minister said that annually for us 5 thousand people die from pneumonia, and in this year hammered in an alarm only because the amount of deaths grew for the very short interval of time, it became somehow terribly. And not from a pork virus, but from the beastliness of the state which full indifferent to the indexes of death rate. And an ex-minister then yet topped up olive in a fire: but that there, they say, flu, championship after heart and cancer disease which Ukrainians die from... Slowly everything was translated in the plane of political electoral pandemic. Masks are turned-over! They say, on a pork flu some candidates in presidents want to ride into on a street Bank. 

Masks are all the same turned-over! We talked to such measure, that already soon, from data of the sociological questioning, carried out on the order of the proper interested persons, or and in decision of all-Ukrainian referendum will be inoculated or not inoculated not only from a flu. A policy and corruption will decide, to live or not live!