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Viche 2009 №23

№23, 2009

Election pledges, or what candidates are quiet about

About Epidemic of flu and prohibition of lead through of mass measures reduced the turns of electioneering. It remained an ordinary citizen unless, with the bated breath, to sit before a television set and listen of the same type discussions on various talk-shows, that, frankly speaking, uneasily. Strange, but politicians practically do not tell the election programmers about maintenance, although there are many interesting ideas which before sounded nowhere. Reliable explanation: they did not yet read all that the invited experts written them.

In an arsenal practically every candidate there are promises of introduction of energy effective technologies, forming of land-bank, which will execute the functions of the second market of earth, development agriculture, liquidation of state administrations, creation of executive committees at the level of district and area, considerable strengthening of responsibility for corruption actions, reformations of the judicial system, through electing of judges by people and others like that. Most «raisins» certainly, in the programs of leaders of the sociological questioning.  Give them in the sequence of registration of candidates in CVK.