Viche 2009 23

23, 2009

Lets Respect the Rights of People who Entrusted us the Power - the Head of Rivne Regional Board Oleksandr DANYLCHUK Appeals

This year the Rivne Regional Board is celebrating its honorable anniversary - 70 years since its foundation. The history of our land, though, is much longer and richer. Peresopnytske Evangel Ukrainian Book on which the Presidents of Ukraine come to the book was written here. Exactly here in the middle of XVI century the first school of higher education in Ukraine - Ostrozka Academy - was established. Renewed within the centuries, even today it continues and multiplies glorious traditions of science and spirituality. In that period of renaissance and recovery Ostrozka Bible appeared and became the annunciator of cultural ambitions of the epoch. Cossack free spirit of Berestechko revived and came up with a bang in the image of the warriors of the Ukrainian Rebellious Army.