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Viche 2009 №23

№23, 2009

Yenakiyeve. For What Exactly Citizens are Grateful to Serhiy Rukhadze

Presently the City Head of Yenakiyevo Sergiy Rukhadze is the person known far beyond Donetsk region. He came to the authorities of local self-government in 2001: at the beginning he fulfilled the duties of the city head, and already next year the citizens of Yenakiyeve chose him to be the Head of the City Board. The new leader inherited a very complicated household. As far as metallurgic, coke-chemical and cement plants are located directly in the city center, and their production activities influences on the ecology extremely negatively. Unstable work of coal producers located in mining towns and in two fellow towns, which are subordinate to the City Board, resulted in many problems.