Viche 2009 23

23, 2009

Subsidiary Enterprise Sevastopol Commercial Seaport: the Goal is Development

Following the completion of the summer tourism season in the city-hero the round table discussion took place under the guidance of the Head of the Sevastopol Commercial Seaport Sergiy Tarakanov. Directors of the South ports and the representatives of tourism business in Sevastopol, Yalta and Feodosiya participated in this discussion. They all were united by the idea of cruise travel development in their region.

The appeal S. Tarakanov addressed to the participants of the meeting was the following to critically and business-friendly analyze and value the results of joint activities of the last period, to express claims to each other and to find ones position in the cruiser travel business.  

At the round table meeting the questions of the cooperation of ports and automobile operating companies, the improvement of hotel and restaurant services were discussed. Having summarized all the propositions concerning the cruiser travel development, the participants of the meeting decided to found the Coordinating Center on the Cruiser Travel Business Development in Crimea based on the SE Sevastopol Commercial Seaport. 

At the end of October the representatives of the SE Sevastopol Commercial Seaport participated in the 35-th Assembly of the Association of Cruiser Mediterranean Ports (MedCruise) in Monaco. Sevastopol representatives have been the members of this organization since 2000. It is not only a great honour but also of top priority, because the practice of the relations with the association shows that in the result of its cooperation the number of ships coming to the Sevastopol Seaport is increasing. MedCruise has been working in the sphere of the cruise travel business in the whole world for many years. More than 60 ports of the Mediterranean and Black Sea region and also big cruise companies, tour operators and ship-owners are the members of this association. In the Principality of Monaco the representatives of Crimea, who started to revive the traditions of cruise tourism on our beautiful peninsula, had to listen to many claims concerning the provided services to the passenger-liners which visited Crimea.

The Head of the SE Sevastopol Commercial Seaport S. Tarakanov marked it was the lesson of corrections of mistakes which then made the heads of the sea industry sector gather in their native house in order to conduct an open conversation and a kind of brainstorming. 

35-th Assembly of the Association of Cruiser Mediterranean Ports not only gave the lesson but also helped to find the way due to which the participants of the cruiser business will definitely find the proper assistance of their ideas on the whole maritime space.

The questions which are needed to be solved and realized operationally in the nearest time exist. These questions concern professional investment generations, improvement of the work of customs and boundary zone, regular conduction of international exhibition with a view to promote the services at the cruiser market, advancement of the quality of the method of conduction of excursions using the cultural and historical value of Ukrainian cities of the Black Sea region.