Журнал Viche 2009 №23

№23, 2009

CREDO is not to Get Away from Life!

The Sevastopol Professional Commercial and Culinary Lyceum is celebrating its 60 anniversary. Exemplary reputation of the educational establishment is famous both in Ukraine and in France, Greece, the USA, Canada…In one word, everywhere where its graduates work. Former Lyceum students impress with their skills and resourcefulness not only on land, but also on ocean and sea ships.

It doesn’t surprise that HR managers give preference to the graduates exactly from Sevastopol establishment.

Real professionals and people devoted to their work are needed everywhere. As, for example, during a voyage the health of the whole crew depends on them. Director of the Sevastopol Professional Commercial and Culinary Lyceum, the teacher of the highest quality and honorable figure in the tourism industry of Ukraine Ilona SMOLYAKOVA in the conversation with the correspondent of “Viche” stressed that professional qualifications are extremely in-demand now.