Viche 2009 23

23, 2009

Health of Nation is Underfoot of Officials

Ukraine has the invention which any other country doesnt have. It is used by national authorities, who, however, do not hurry to implement it for wide public. Such egoism could be apologized, if the question was not about the health of the whole nation. Ukrainians are forced to take expensive medicines instead of taking healthy treatments. Unfortunately, pharmaceutical lobby subdues good sense.

Medical complex bioregulator was developed by scientists from the Institute of Healthy Technologies (IHT) New in Medicine 17 years ago. It has been constantly improved and that is why the amount of illnesses which can be treated with the help of Bioregulator grows. The lack of information and limited access to the device are the obstacle on the way of spread of this method on the territory of Ukraine. So, to find out more about wonder-invention of national scientists, the magazine Viche made a visit to director general of the IHT New in Medicine Lyudmyla TARSHYNOVA.