Viche 2009 21

21, 2009

More candidates, good and diverse

On the day of handing over of issue in the printing-house of CEC 14 candidates registered to become President of Ukraine and it is expected at least 30 of well-to-do ambitious people who had time or not on an order to grow their states by comparison with previous declarations, given to CEC of past presidential campaign.

according law the mortgage will be returned to those who get in the second round. Therefore slogan the More candidates, good and diverse! can be profit for a budget. 

Certainly the instantaneous solving problems in electioneering an argument is ferrous in behalf of candidate. Businesses are more trusted than the words. However presumably it costs to remember that the non-permanent injection of generosity can not become the index of what exactly will happen with a country in the case of victory of such candidate. A graft during presidential races will remain business graft.

And we are against a corruption. Are we?

However in a graft it is possible to recognize falseness on the stage of presidential campaign. If to for example a candidate promises god sends celestial or gold rain and does not have plenary powers to manage skies though it wont be a blessing for people. Even if supplies of groats are in surpluses and gold clouds hang for us over. Without majority in parliament President will not be succeed to or spill plenty on our heads. Since times of exception from Constitution of UKRAINE of the article six about a leading and sending role of communist party there is not such neither roles nor parties, in our state. However here and President of Ukraine for us does not belong to none of branches of state power. He is a guarantor. And that it means in practice what it is a branch of power, to nobody in our kingdom unknown. Even to the country's leader. The role of monarch is attractive in theory. Not only for present but also for following which presently is being candidate. They all understand it. However promise that at the plenary powers but without own parliamentary majority and  accordingly government not able to realize, not in contempt of laws and Constitution, not coming running to services of Constitutional Court as an explorer of will of President. 

Here and anarchy goes out: a government gives out documents President abolishes, parliament passes acts President forbids, and KS, as his advocate, interprets. So distorted in Ukraine on the whole progressive, inherent democratic societies and states the system inhibitions and counterbalances products imperious scandals which to siti up to the neck already not only in native land permanently but also foreign instructions.

 And bomb is stopped up in Constitution. Unfortunately, it Neanderthals reformation, naturally, gave nothing good. A president for us so remained with ambitions realization of which, contrary to the legislative or executive branches of power, though what deputies will be in parliament, though who will lead a government.

 That is why important to find out: what model of power they defend; which electoral system can convert parliament not into the closed joint-stock company of financial corporations and clans, but in the truthful instrument of power of people; what reforms of Constitution consider expedient; which one role is taken President.

Although they from motion will be laid to that try they say  to rewrite Basic Law on your own, to extend the plenary powers, however useful it is to know about their appetites, besides expressed the words, realized and maximally exactly. For example is it had let in the future, in their opinion, President to lead the executive branch of power? Such by a fifth wheel itself to the cart and will it remain, and the real executive power will belong to the chancellor?