Viche 2009 21

21, 2009

Derek Voters: Metallic Tiger is a spirit of fight, force of weapon and collision

Presumably, for the receipt of the real confession and success not enough to depend only upon own forces, success or, opposite, somebody's help. It is needed to produce the certain mechanism of creation of own fate, happiness and career. And for the sake of it simply a necessity of the balanced surrounding space which positively would influence on a health man, it domestic life and labor activity. And here a fen-shyi old Chinese studies which probes influence of spatial objects (objects, their form, color, quality) on each other and on a man can help outstandingly. His laws are clear and systematized, that is why it remains only to decide a man, which from them expedient in concrete case. Certainly, here not to treat and without intuition, produced experience. . Exactly experience and knowledge has such Derek Volters, Master hair fen- shyi of international level, in which we asked about chances candidates on position of President of Ukraine on January elections of 2010 (certainly, from point of the mentioned Chinese studies).

Sir Volters, next year presidential elections will take place in our country, therefore we would like to ask about candidates in Presidents and their chances on victory. Appropriately it would be to hear your view of current situation and prognoses on the future. 

For this purpose the necessary is certain me base-line information on these persons: years of their birth and daily directions of movement to the place of work. 

  Fortunately, we have these information. For example, Yuliya Timoshenko gave birth 1960 and daily reached jobs, sent from a south on a north. 

It is not very much good, in fact, daily moving from a south on a north, it contests with itself, constantly suffers from head pain and stress situations. This direction is favourable enough on the whole, because is lines. However on it guard the great number of stresses and moral confusions. 

  Or does it influence on the chances of Yuliya Timoshenko to become President? 

It above all things influences on acceptance by it decisions. Its chances are high enough although, it is inclined to do erroneous conclusions, because constantly is in a stress situation, therefore can be some nervous. it is the  

Name of other candidate Victor Yanukovych. He gave birth in 1950 year and daily heads for job, moving from a north southward. 

He is in the best position, because gave birth in the year of Tiger, and direction of motion from a north southward does not create for him a conflict with own Ya. Such direction is not the best, however favourable enough. Therefore chances of V. Yanukovicha on victory in presidential races higher, than is now at Yu. Timoshenko. V. Yanukovich moves on 120 after direction of pivnichpivden'. As he is Tiger, and following, 2010 also is the year of Tiger, for him good chance on victory. 

Arseniy Yacenyuk gave birth in 1974 years and daily moves from a north southward.  

  Oh, he also Tiger! And, in essence, also has a good chance on victory, as well as previous candidate. The more so that both move daily in identical direction. Two Tigers in the year of Tiger is already interestingly! 

Other participant of pre-election races Chairman of Verkhovna Rada Volodymyr Litvin lives in Kyiv, near building of Ukrainian parliament, that is why to him unnecessary too long reached jobs. However located an out-of-town house of V. Litvina is na_pivdenniy_zakhid_vid the capital. From there the way of public servant to job lies on a north-east. A year of his birth is 1956th. 

Volodymyr Litvin is an interesting enough candidate. He must be a very energetic and remarkable manipulator, because gave birth in the year of Marmoset. People which gave birth in this year, following enter into the naynapruzhenishiy and unforeseeable period. Usually it not very much good time for them, because they can yield to the competitors. However much V. Litvin moves to the center of city in friendly to itself direction, though not daily. 

Our present President Victor Yushchenko gave birth 1954 and daily reached jobs, sent from a south on a north. 

Ovva! He is Horse! It is extraordinarily strange! Horse resists aggressive Tigers. Not Snake, Bull or Rabbit, but Horse! They compete all time,  fight between itself. It, presumably, some sign. However only Yu. timoshenko moves in unfavorable direction and daily must surmount obstacles. Other candidates round all the corner in 120, that helps them in the everyday undertaking. Its direction is opposite. True, other circumstances are folded for it successfully enough. Other politicians alike on shipboard at-sea, that, swimming down wind, does not take pains too, to overcome some difficulties or work out problems. But they need to be wary, that not to blunder upon submarine boulders, like ships which drift a sea, depending upon strength of wind. 

By the way, it would be desirable yet to look at the form of roofs of their houses: if a roof is flat, man not too ambitious, if in form gostrokutnika or has an edge is a man with large ambitions, but consequently for it more chances on victory. From point of astrology, such houses are got by a more sunlight and heat, that is why their owners are in a more stand-in. 

However much that you have among the candidates of Horse and two Tigers is very dangerous! Their collision will be bitter, they will talk loathsome things about each other, trying to be reached tops. And it is a most problem. 

What to expect us next year?  

Many confusions. you need to be ready to the great number of dangerous and difficult situations. Possibly, even to another elections, in fact all candidates are extraordinarily strong astrologic. 2010 is a year of Metallic Tiger, unfavorable for the leadthrough of elections, because symbolizes the spirit of fight, force of weapon and collision. Therefore fight of candidates in Presidents will be protracted and dangerous. If this year was marked the presence of Wooden Tiger which predisposes people to reconciliation and lining up mutual relations, it would not follow you to dread presidential elections, however. 

You need also to be wary in relationships with nearby countries. Can not exactly say, with which from them. But that relationships with near foreignness will be tense, it probably. 

But as 2010 will influence on the conduct of Ukraine in the international arena? 

  In international relations Ukraine must choose defensive strategy, to be ready to the numerous political attacks from outside. A next year will be severe. And 2011th, opposite, will be marked the improvement of diplomatic relations. This year prokhoditime under the sign of Metallic Rabbit, which is character of understanding. For example, in 1980th Ronald Reygan and Mykhajlo Gorbachev could not attain the mutual understanding in the question of limitation of arms. And only in the year of Metallic Rabbit came to the consensus. Therefore in 2010 year the Ukrainian policy must be concentrated on internal problems (that to be ukrainocentrichnoy), that your state could develop as a valuable subject of international relations in the following, 2011. 

Conducted the talk of Julius Cirfa.