Viche 2009 21

21, 2009

There is no Other Place but Mountains Where Nature is Displayed so Vividly

In 2003 the countries of the Carpathian region accepted the Frame Convention About the Protection and Constant Development of the Carpathians, they declared the Initiative regarding the constant extensional development in the basin of the Tysa River and the number of other documents. But the implementation of these initiatives is too difficult for the countries of the region. And the ecological problems of the Carpathians have become of European significance now. And what is more, the local mountains fulfill the functions of heart and lungs of Europe. Consequently, for the countries of the Carpathian region in the whole and for Ukraine, in particular, the environment protection has a fateful significance. Exactly this question has been recently discussed in the Congress of the Local and Regional Councils of the European Council. Its discussion was initiated by the head of the Zakarpattya Regional Council Mykhaylo KICHKOVSKYI who spoke on behalf of the Ukrainian delegation.